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Welcome to, this site showcases all my music as it has been released on CD. All the music is is a cross between Rock and World Music. Some of my music sounds like my influences of Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons, Robin Trower, Jethro Tull, Kansas, David Arkenstone, and Tangerine Dream

All the songs are original recordings written by myself as well as recorded and performed by me. I play all the instruments in the tracks. To date there are thirteen CD's of my music with a new one currently being recorded in my home Studio.

I hope you will give a few of the songs a listen as many of them are so much different in genre. Recording these songs is simply a hobby of mine that I love. I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other musicians on music so contact me if you would like to work on a song together.

You can listen and download any of the tracks from the CD's by pressing on the play button on the Jukebox. If you like the song and want to download it for free simply find that song in the Jukebox and click on the download button. All songs are in .mp3 format. Alternatively you can navigate to each CD in this site and a .mp3 player is available for each song.

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Thanks for stopping by, Surf.




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Morning Sun

Currently under Production 2012 CD 14




 Northwest Trek

 Hard Times

Jose's Shots and Beach Bar

  Moon of the Evening

  Worlds on Fire



More songs to come.....

The Great Northwest

2011 CD 13



 Puget Sound

 Emerald City

 Wallowa Mountains

 Wenatchee River

  Chief Joseph

  Blewett Pass

Columbia Gorge

  The Great Northwest

  Gods Wonders



Old School

2010 CD 12








 Old Mr. Ray

Daddy was a Miner

Corner Store

 Hot Chevy

 God's Day

 Old School

 Rise Up and Roll On

 Saint Helens



Tropical Vacation

 2010 CD 11




 Jamaican Surf


 Feet in the Sand

Ocean Breezes

 Playa del Star

 Tropical Vacation

 Moonlit Walk

 Gods Colours

 Trader Ricks Island

 Under the Sea


Dog Days

2009 CD 10



 Lazy Afternoon

 Dog Days

 Wind of the Wild

 Forever Companion

 Walking the Dog


 Always by my Side

 Bad Dog

 Creatures of God

 My Dog


Look to the Sky

2009 CD 9





 Misty Morning

 Savannah's Wedding

 Super Cell

 Silent Warning

 Gods Compassion

 Look to the Sky

 The Vortex


 Gone Home


Streets and Beats

2008 CD 8




 West Coast Funk

 Hi-way 101

 Sunday Drive

 Stopping for Gas

 Back Roads

 Top Down

 Streets and Beats

 Hitchhike Sally

 Laguna Drive

 Pedro's Driving




From the Heart

2008 CD 7




 Remembering You

 Giving Back

 Seeing You Again

 Johnny oh Johnny

 Home Again

 Days Gone By|

 The Place

 Alone Again

 A Moment with God

  From the Heart


Still Burning

2007 CD 6




 Southern Heat

 Still Burning

 Into the Flame

 Hot for Jesus

 Desert Ride

 Radiant Glow

 Woman is Hot

 Green Flame Blues


 Lava Flow



Change in Season

2007 CD 5




 Light of God

 Elevation 10

 Red Sky Night

 Tears of Mother Nature

Change in Season

 Winter Solstice

 Alpha Summer Sun

 Lunar Harvest

 Spring Melt

 Winds of Fall



Northern Passage

2006 CD 4




 Captains Log

 God's Comfort

 Ice Breaker

 Eagles Warning

 Native Legend

 Midnight Sun

 Nutook Canyon

 Northern Passage

 Wolf River

 Journey's End



Silent Thunder

2006 CD 3





 God's Awesome Power

 Light Show

 Grounding Rod

 Roar in the Night

 Silent Thunder

 Static Control

 Take Shelter

 Monster Storm


Eye of the Storm

2005 CD 2




Born in Africa

 Calm Before the Storm

 Eye of the Storm

 Tropical Wave

 Hurricane Force Winds

 In God's Hand

 North Northwest at 9


 Sunrise in the Aftermath

 Storm Surge


Yesterday Pass

2004 CD 1



 Yesterday Pass

 Climb Mount Salvation

 Corner of the World

 In the Shade

 On the River Bank

 Same old Road

 Secret Trail

 Snow at Ten Thousand

 Tondo the Dog

 Uncles Cabin

 View From the Top

 Sunrise Camp



Studio 1
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Music and the Internet

The internet with the ability to download music, burn CD's and essentially create your own collection has taken away the profits to the musician who might of otherwise started a band and made CD's for profit. The only people making money anymore are the record labels and big bands on tour. I think sites like this will become the norm.

My influences
Robin Trower - Richie Blackmore - Michael Schenker - David Gilmore - Alan Parsons - David Arkenstone - Tangerine Dream - Journey - Dire Straights

Favorite spot
Playa Del Carmen Mexico

ATV Riding, Guns, my German Shepherds, Travel, Exploring Historic sites

Equipment used in the studio:

- Fender American Standard Stratocaster
- Fender 50th Anniversary Deluxe Stratocaster
- Gibson Summer Jam Les Paul
- Carvin CT624C
- Fender Telecaster '52 Reissue
- Godin LHXT
- Dean MBA1
- Godin Mandolin
- Carvin ICON 4WP Bass
- Roland Fantom X6 Keyboard
- Korg TR88 Keyboard
- Yamaha Drums
- Granger M50 Plexi
- Marshall Vintage Modern 2466
- Marshall JMD1 100
- Marshall JCM2000 TSL 100
- Marshall Class 5
- Marshall JTM1
-Marshall JMP1
- Marshall 1960BX w/Celestion G12Ms
- Marshall 1960AX w/Celestion G12Hs
- Marshall 425A w/Celestion G12Cs
- Marshall 425B w/Celestion Vintage 30s
- Marshall 1960BX w/Celestion Classic Lead 80s
- Carvin BX 500 Amp
- Carvin BRX10.2NEO cabinet
- Cakewalk SONAR 8.5 Producer
- RME Fireface 800A/D Converter
- Digitech Vocalist Live
- AKG Perception 400 mic
- MXL R144 Ribbion mic
- JBL Studio Monitors
- QSC K10 Powered Monitors
- Roland GR55
- Roland GR20
- Shure SM57 mic's
- All cables used are Monster Cable
- Fulltone Deluxe Clyde Wah - Wilson Haze Vibe -  Digitech Hardwire Overdrive - Digitech Hardwire  Chorus - TC Electronics Alter Ego Delay - ZoomQ3 -  Voodoo Labs Amp Switcher

Anything else...?
I am still a sinner but through the blood of Jesus I have been saved and forgiven.

Regards, Surf



Music Reviews


Gods Wonders perfect in surround sound and the exceptional intro of a cracker of a track from the guitar solos.... and the nice steady, impacting drumbeats ...and that good flowing harmony of everything...that is peaceful, stress free and so calming. drift off inside a epic track..and what a nice touch with the sax as well.
Gods Wonders WHAT'S UP SURF.... THIS IS A NICE PIECE BROTHER... The intro guitars are stellar here, the time of them are dead on and the tone is just great... the lead sounds a little rushed to me but still very good and the tone is perfect. i like what i think is a sax as well.... real sweet touch adding that to this. as a producer you just keep getting better and better every time i hear one of you songs... very impressed! peace,
The Great Northwest Great song!! :)
Columbia Gorge ....tell you what, there is an uniqueness about your vocal tone that i believe can really blossom with time...i know that you haven't been recording vocals on your past creations, so hearing this is relatively new for you? and me...but seriously!! you need to keep on the vocal- train, because you have some really nice qualities going on. Really exciting to hear this tone....keep you eye on the prize's all there. bri-an.
The Great Northwest aww really pops out of the intro and gets rawkin!!..great to hear the vocals!! wooo dang.
The Great Northwest you production is really coming to life and your singing voice is really getting alot better! great job surf.. one of your best that i've heard. peace,
Hot Chevy Hi Rick, This Song is really really hot!!! that is the Uncut missing Part from the Movie/Soundtrack The Blues Brothers lol awesome awesome Man what can i find here amazing tunes :) Thanx for share Mate Ralf
Chief Joseph very powerful....a subject that is always interesting to hear, you do a great job of it as well...(great to hear the voc's my friend). There is alot of emotion that is capture in this vocal performance, topped off with a energy in the guitar work...excellent work.
Chief Joseph First of all.....always a pleasure to hear a new SNW tune !! Musically....this ballad is very captivating and a gem to listen to.....beyond the music is a lesson in history that everyone should listen to.....for xtra credit ....check out J.D. Blackfoots....Song of Crazy Horse.....this was their land before we took it.....Great song SNW..!!
Saint Helens The intro really got my attention...nice licks and tone on the guitar. I remember St. Helen's big boom and all the ash that drifted across state lines. The harmonica fits the song style perfectly. The vocal style brings to mind Dr. Hook and Medicine Show (a compliment). All around good song! Farrell
Saint Helens Very nice guitar intro. Like the guitar work on this tune and the lyrics. Vocals seemed to be back in the mix a bit when the solos were playing. Nice job on the vocals.
Wenatchee River Like the undetones..some have Blue Oyster feel to them
Wenatchee River Rick is rockin' out with this tune! hehe... :yeah: :) Kudos to you for the songwriting/lyrics, and especially for your guitar playing & vocal delivery~ Powerfully good!! Very interesting & cool lyrics, me thinks! Suggest to others, before the song even plays to read the killer lyrics~ sounds like a heck of a woman you write of, Rick! Great song man!! =Bravo!= :)
Wenatchee River Great rock tune! Outstanding guitar work, very well produced.
Wallowa Mountains Hey Surf, amazing how you can always put a listener in a zone you create... love the slow-hand control. especially in the "big room" format. when it breaks out...wooo baby, takes off with an energy that is carried to the next change- up (sax) Love the floydian atmosphere.
Rise Up and Roll On I like the Southern Rock trucker sound of this song. The guitar solos are executed well. Yep, takes me to the south...good work! Farrell
Southern Heat Great opening, which more or less gives the mood of this work from note one. This has your trademark musical landscape lush with tremendous tones and textures. This is a great track well done enjoyed my listen
Still Burning Hiya Surf, been a while, I'm doing a back page trawl and came across a wad of your early stuff. Have to say this piece is excellent. I'm sitting here with my feet on the desk just swimming with the flow. Great track well done
Old School Great mood at the onset.....Old School....yes bring back the days of America...old school....great lyric. A very thought provoking listen for me. I like the guitar's old school and cool! Farrell
Jamaican Surf Thank you so much for your recent visit. Listening to this track of yours just makes me want to party! hehe... I dig reggae so very much, and I sure dig what you have created here! This vibe is heated! Fantastic guitar playing and the whole 9 yards! "Axesome!" lol~ A shame it hasn't had more comments and nice reviews. Hope some of the Dj's here will pick this up and play it in their shows. Don't know about anyone else but I am certainly taking advantage of your kind download! ~Ty~ Wow, I DIG THIS!! ~KuDoS~KuDoS~KuDoS!!~ :)
God's Day Very nice, mellow music. I like all the change ups in the melody. Nice job. I can hear Sade singing on this track.
God's Day Would be easy to listen to this again and again~ such a nice flow, quite wonderful actually! I adore instrumentals when they are played with such feeling. ~Lovely guitar work~ You have done a fine arrangement here, and to title in praise... well, A-men to that!! ***** :) ~KuDoS!!~
Hot Chevy Long time since I caught one of yours surf, this reminds me very much of works by Steppenwolf. both vocally and musically. You produced yourself a very classy piece of music with this one. Well done a super listen
Hot Chevy Went to a car show, and the vintage Chevy's they had on display there were to drool for! :) I like this song~ so keen that you wrote about a theme such as the Chevy, and brought it to the road of listeners! hehe... Bet the people at the car show would really appreciate this one too! Mighty fine playing & singing from you! ~Keep cruising!!~
God's Day brother you are starting to get real good w/your production! nice man... peace,
Hot Chevy bro! you can sing! man you gotta keep this up surf. the music is killer, love the story line. well done my brother... peace,
Hot Chevy I hear the classic rock/blues vibe coming down the pike at 110 miles an hour, and loud and clear! This is choice stuff, no doubt!! Peace, Jim
Hot Chevy Haven't been to the surfnorthwest in some time, but have to say this is very solid in all respects. Soulful and clear vox, rich bass, guitar all with great production value. Bravo! Enjoyed! ...blake
Hot Chevy Hi Surf! cool to see a new tune from you. This has a great feel to it. Vocals sound super and the guitar work is filled with soul. Damn this is great stuff, classic blues!!
Under the Sea Took this one at random. Strong opening dropping into a lovely easy acoustic mix. Liked the vox here, they have a broken kind of quality which reflects the music well. This is a great tune and an enjoyable listen well done
Wind of the Wild Hiya Surf. been a while since I paid you a visit, surprised this one never got a picking. This has your trademark guitar sound. Strong rhythm with some very nice guitar work. Nice work here mate
Old Mr Ray Like your vocals singing this and also the guitar after Verse One. Sad story to your writing. A good song, wonder where you got the idea for the story behind it? Enjoyed it. Wishing you well, Melsi
Grandma Grandma's are very special, as is this song. I find this very comforting to listen to, everything blends so nicely. An excellent showcase for your talents, as well as a sweet tribute to your Grandma.
Grandma I just heard this on Big PEte's Radio Show. Amazing work... great story... and some of the best darn guitar work I've heard in quite some time. Peace, Jim
Grandma Hiya Surf, been a while since I caught one of yours. Moody vocals over your classic style of backing. Love how this starts slow then opens the throttle. This is a great little rocker. Nice work
Grandma Wow, awesome tune. Is this a true story?? Cool lyrics and the guitars are over the top as usual. Sax is a nice touch. Nice one!
1979 A wonderful ballad. You have a such a gift for guitar melodies, and the lyrics and vocals are outstanding! Peace, Jim
1979 A cool listen and a blast of memories. Nice to hear you doing a ballad. Actually, I see this isn't your first ballad. I'll have to get back to your page. MAN!!! You've been BUSY!!!!!....and I haven't been around as much. Again, a real enjoyable listen. Thanks for stirring up the memories :-) BTW!!! You did real nice with the down home retro, gutsy sound and feel for the song. I hate to admit it, mine would have been about 1969 :-( ;-) Rob
Moonlit Walk This one moves along... really enjoyed the reggae bits...
Trader Ricks Islands Good to hear your have always delivered the goods! floydian moments throughout!! wailin geetars!!
Trader Ricks Islands This would be a GREAT movie soundtrack! good mix! ---Bobcat
Under the Sea Under The Sea.....I like it! From the big opening to the drop down at the acoustic strum and vocal. Good! Farrell
Trader Ricks Islands You capture a great vibe from the first note. This was such a great listen, the production is top notch. The guitar work is breathtaking. peace, Jim
Trader Ricks Islands Shades of PINK FLOYD all throughout this one. I like the chord progression....and the mix is very majestic at times. Nice work here. Hugs...Mike (NAV)
Trader Ricks Islands Has a real bluesy start.....which makes a great backing for the guitar soloing. Enjoyed the listen! Farrell
Trader Ricks Islands Most cool sounds in this mix..Moody, tons of feeling. Its good listening. It has a "waiting" vibe to it. Like that. DACE>
Under the Sea agreed on the opening. explosive! brilliant use of keys on here. I have to say this tine has a great arrangement.
My Dog Nice playing man! really enjoyed the arrangement and the phrasings!! from the heart and exceptionally done!! cheers
Under the Sea Really enjoyed this one. Nice mellow edge and tells a nice story. Dig it!
Under the Sea I know this name, but i cant remember who it is. Sorry, getting old. I'm listening. LOVE those KEYS! DACE>
Gods Colours Very nice intro. Geart sounding mix. Guitar tone is AWESOME! very moody leadline. I feel it would make the guitar sound even better if the backtrack was as high up in the mix. But its some NICE guitar for sure. The music would add it alot if mixed about the same level. VERY NICE! good to hear you again, been a LONG time. ENJOYED! DACE>
Tropical Vacation Man love the groove on this
Ocean Breezes YAY on the Reggae feel. Nice way to incorporate the Blues into this Genre. You know I'll have to play this one this coming Saturday Night Rocks!!! Awesome theme, makes me wanna take a vacation right now!!! Mike
Ocean Breezes Bring me the bluesss :) Very nice track...Has a reggae feel...and good effects on the guitar. Good percussion as well...fits perfectly. Good job
Ocean Breezes I REALLY Dig the heack out of this track!!! You got me with the reggae - Claptonish feel, but you floored me with all of the guitar synth tones and whatever the heck else you used........SHEEESH!!! You had me memorized (however ya spell it).......Great Theme!!! Thanks for the Download and I favorite it!!! AWESOME TRACK!!!! GREAT FEEL!!! Rob
Feet in the Sand Always a pleasure to listen to a surfnorthwest tune, the distant sounds in this carry me to a far off place. Has a darker sound to it than most of your work, a nice change of pace. Excellent blend of sounds and superb use of effects!
Sunrise Awesome track! totally belongs in a Terrentino or Rodriguez movie!!! Wicked jam folks love it!
Gods Compassion This tune has much groove and a wonderful guitar sound. Makes me dreaming...Especially the organ ia a great idea . High musical level -Congrats from Hooker Green
My Dog Very, very nice track, with cool, laid back talent. Carol.
My Dog Hi, Surf -- Your music never disappoints, and this is no exception. Greymonk covered all the bases with his review, I think, but I'll add that when the solo comes in at 1:24, I thought, "Hey, he's singing on this one." That's what I call a very melodic, articulate, vocal piece of guitar phrasing. Also, you use a variety of tones and textures to keep the guitar interesting throughout what otherwise is a very simple chord pattern. Yep, ol' BluesPicker likes this one.
My Dog very nice! Yeah I can also agree with the floyd like comments. Great compliment. Man if you could get some keys added to this, it would really seal the deal. great solos!
My Dog Gotta like those leads in this song...would have to agree with has a Pink Floyd like sound! Very well done and enjoyed listening to this tune! -Gary-
My Dog Very haunting, kind of sad - tons of feeling in this! The sax is magnificent, and great compliment to the guitar! The transition to the organ is great too. Very Pink Floyd-like sound, little hints of Santana and Eagles in there too - what a terrific piece!!
Creatures of God Great guitar work! The clean guitar sounds awesome and I love the slightly distorted electric. Excellent job! This tune is sweet and I love how it builds.
Creatures of God What, dogs creatures of god? No, cats I think you will find. Anyway what is the connection with the music? Who knows but interesting guitar instrumental with 'classical' chord progression. Good stuff. ftlpope
Silent Warning I like the sax better in this one - it matches up with the guitar.. not sure if I like the fuzzy part or not.. the guitar notes and style remind me of unforgiven by metallica, or even stairway to heaven. Nice pitch bending on that synth btw :) and there comes in the electric guitar - sexy :) - there appears to be some issues with the drums in parts but oh well. Nice riffing :) - however when the synths come in you kinda of have it reversed initially - should they not be in the back nad the guitar in the front? They sort of take an edge off the power of your guitar at that point and really do sound "added over" - a bit of eqing is what this song needs :) cool song overall though :) -shawn-
Bad Dog Wouldn't normally have got to the end of this but enjoyed it for the sheer rawness that most bands of this type mix out. Nice. ftlpope
Bad Dog Hiya Surf, this has an excellent drive to the backing. Can almost hear the big bad mutt coming. You got some nice variation here. Guitar work sings. This is another great track well done enjoyed this one
Dreams Hiya Surf, this has to be my personal favorite from your wealth of material. This has your trademark big sound, solid backing with some sweet guitar phrasing. Nice one mate keep them coming
Always by my Side Wonderfully relaxing music in Always by my Side. Such a pretty melody and great instrumentals. I can really imagine this coming to life with words. A great listen. Wishing you well, Melsi
Always by my Side Haven't heard much from you lately Rick. This one has a Great clear sound with lots of level. Excellent sequencing of the support instruments with the nice solo guitar work on top. Cheers
Walking the Dog yeah digging the guitar on here. That is a live sound most would kill for. This just flows well. Drums sound awesome as does the bass line. This rocks!
Walking the Dog Great big guitar sound and done nicely! Enjoyed the wall of sound! Farrell
Walking the Dog You never fail to satisfy our need for some AWESOME guitar work!! Another outstanding effort that is on a level all it's own. LOVE IT!!
Walking the Dog This one has a title with which I'm vaguely familiar lol. Surf this has your trademark in solid and very strong rhythm sequences to hang your melody lines on. Liked your guitar work, very effective. Good track well done
Gods Compassion "Gods Compassion" is a very nice composition...Reminds me of driving through the rain in the late afternoon...This is probably due to the steady beat and the overall dark ambiance brought on by the backing guitar work and the organ. The song reminds me very much of some David Gilmour stuff...Think "Another Brick in the Wall pt.2" outro jam. The harmonica synth totally fooled me at first, and I thought it was a harmonica...Later on I figured out it was a synth...You should find a harmonica player because that sounded really fantastic when the line first started...I think an actual harmonica would make the song really shine(on). This is a very chill tune...I enjoyed it.
Forever Companion I'll be damned if I don't get a Robin Trower vibe from the guitar on this one... Lovely groove, then tons of power, and that incredible guitar roaring in.... Incredible journey, amigo. And those piano bits really add a wonderful texture to something already epic. Peace, Jim
Desert Ride Read the song info, and I'll agree it don't come more apt than that. This was a change from your usual style. And for me this was an excellent listen. Nice airey mix with a sweet melody and that backing. Yeah nice work
Pedro's Driving He certainly is lol, a gentle Mariarchi intro to first gear, then it bypasses the rest of the box straight into top. Nice production hear surf. Great track well done
Look to the Sky nice music landscape dream like in quality some remembers Alan parsons project !
Savannah's Wedding I've been following your music since you came here....and I always look forward to hearing a new song from you. You continue to cross new horizons, with your songs..........This is REALLY a nice piece of music....and a great theme you've built on. Great instrumentation choices......and guitar effect changes......GREAT JOB!! +++++ Rob
Savannah's Wedding had me at the opening cathedral bells , nice production , nice sound on the electric especially the bewowwor at the end of the phrases. nice picking on the other guitar , lots cool instruments coming and going , etherial tarack. cheers
Dog Days Here's a man I've not heard anything from in quite a while, the wait was worth it. This one sings. No problems with this one for me. Excellent work well done
Lazy Afternoon nice track, i love the guitar that flows so well with the chords in this song!
Lazy Afternoon Yes indeed there is a great feel to this, kick back and enjoy the sounds. smooth rhythm, solid baseline and some tasty solo work.
Lazy Afternoon The overall effect from this really does make me imagine a lazy afternoon. Some great interplay of instruments, set down to a rock-solid drum/bass groove. Outstanding! Peace, Jim
Look to the Sky I agree with JDK on the sweet opening phrases, a lovely 12-string it sounds like. Nice the sound efx...adds so well to the atmosphere. Very relaxing & most enjoyable. Fine arranging; good pausing and tempo change adds nicely to the composition. Fine guitar work and synth artistry. EXCELLENT tune. Like it alot. -Vesa.
Look to the Sky Look... such sweet music opening this piece, very dynamic and patient. enjoyed it. JDK
Gone Home Some really nice rockin' going on here in this tune. Basic and raw .. I like it a lot ... maybe it's the mood I am in! Heck, it's on the show tonight! Mike
Gone Home I love the intro transition into the power guitar. Well done piece overall. David C Deal
Gone Home Love that bright reverb nicely plucked strings in a carefree easy way, -very cool the jump kick restart, with heavier chords -what a smahin' rockin build up, cool playing fine sound levels. Great arranging. Fine Production. Cool vibes here...fine playing, like the tone and all sound levels. EXCELLENT tune. Like it. Worth more listens. Great! -Vesa.
Gone Home This one rocks, nice intro then it opens up into a solid heavy sequence. You got some nice fretboard work throughout this. Great piece well done
God's Awesome Power More beautiful guitar sounds over a grand production. Yes this is most excellent!
God's Awesome Power some really gorgeous chorused tones... nice work!
God's Awesome Power You sure have a lot going on in this song. It takes two or three listenings to fully appreciate it. This is fine, tribute to our smallness and God's greatness. David C Deal
Silent Warning Wow...I'm really digging this sax work...beautiful chord structure...sweet guitar work...yes. BEAUTIFUL chord structure..Ahh! change up at around 2:55...awesome! Excellent solo starting @ around the 4:00 mark... Well: it works for me! Downloaded...and will be on my show this Thursday night... Great job!!!
F5 The whammy bar nuances are cool! I dig the guitar tone here. It's clear but has a bit of grit to it. Ok here's the sax, harp, wah and you've thrown in everything but the kitchen sink and it all works! Great work! Farrell
Hitchhike Sally Very cool sound with the sax intro Rick! The synth strings are lush and full which adds to the song's minor mood. The guitar solo, tone and perfomance, are right on for this song! BTW, thanks for the review on Another Year! Your drums suggestion is on my list of adds to the song. Thanks! Farrell
F5 Your style is unique, the opening on this promises much, and it delivers. The rhythm sequences are so tight the air can't get through. The harp, sax and guitar melodies are great. My favourite piece of the day well done excellent piece of work
F5 Once again, some of the sweetest guitar work this side of the east coast!!!! Man, and when the sax came in that was like the cherry on top of the hot fudge Sunday!! Extraordinary work.
The Vortex hey surf! love some of the guitar solos in here and the piano. great sax addition also.
The Vortex NICE broad scope here, great full-body sound... I can see this taking lots of folks into "other" worlds (whether they want to go there or not). Excellent work that gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from me!
The Vortex Great use of instrumentation... very creative. Outstanding musicianship !! Quality production.... with a cool vibe and groove... Splendid track................Kudos....... !!! Larry T.....
Eagles Warning YEAH!!! It's FUN to Rock out, once in a while......sounds like ya woke up in a good mood and wanted to ROCK!!!!! I like when that happens!!! Cool track and a lot of fun with the guitar and drums.....good song arrangement too. Nice Job, SNW!!! Rob
Eagles Warning not sure what guitar you are using but you have some great sustain! great melody on this tune!
Winter Soltice This does what it says on the tin, from moment one it just rocks. Great drum pattern, very heavy. it supports a solid backing and some nice guitar variations. I liked this track well done
Look to the Sky The song flows and flows - wonderful poetical music. You realized some different sound pictures and a landscape of music is arising. Really diggin the music. Great arrangement and such an outstanding instrumentation. Congrats from Hooker Green
Native Legend This is superb, loved the tonal quality on the guitars and the harmonica. Afraid I had pick up the axe and groove along with this. Great piece well done.
A Moment with God Excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!! .....This piece sounds exactly what the title implies ! Well Done ! Henry
Look to the Sky It is my first visit on your site. Have listened to Look To The Sky and have downloaded for my live-radio-show tomorrow in Germany. The track sounds very good and is first class recorded. The listener will be enthusiastic to this song tomorrow. More infos later in a blog on the mainsite here on Mix. I hope it is ok and you are agree. Best wishes from Serious-Music.
Native Legend Diggin' this slow bluesy groove. The harp is kickin' on this track. Great work with all the instrumentation...... superb musicianship.... well produced.....Very enjoyable track........ :-) cheers, Larry T.....
Native Legend Man you had me pulled in with that first soulful, bluesy harp note! Great atmosphere! Sounds like it was recorded in a canyon with the lush reverbs (a compliment)! Enjoyed the heck out of this. Farrell
Native Legend Aaaaah, this is nice ... that bass line, the clean guitar ... man, this is has a lot of vibe and air. A very unique way to deliver a Blues tune ... and you nailed it. Very nice mix, clean and clear. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Cheers, Heinz.
Native Legend very nice. there are some great elements you added in here. Love the harp. What a great addition to this piece. Guitar playing is outstanding! Yeah this is a gem!
Native Legend This is an atmospheric Blues tune with that American Indian beat and soulful harp which conjures images of widen open prairies and grazing buffalo !....A truly enjoyable experience !...Thanks ...Henry
Look to the Sky LOVE the guitar chords on the intro.....and the flute works great. Man!! Your orchestration that came in at around 2:10 was SWEET!!!! LOVE IT!!!! Very VERY NICE!!!!! The theme melody was Great!!!........the different solo instruments were very cool......As for the Bass notes, that's a true matter of taste. In my case, for this type of music, I love a bass prdal effect and a long droning bass note.....Really enjoyed the listen. Rob
Look to the Sky very relaxing tune with some great synth sounds! Thanks, Diego
Look to the Sky Starts out with a "rainy day" mood to it on the guitar and then the synth comes in nicely and the mood turns more to a late fall afternoon.........and here comes that beautiful guitar work, then back with some more great synths for the sunset. Enjoyed the whole 8 minutes!!
Super Cell Very atmospheric-- I love the build ups and breakdowns.
Look to the Sky How smooth this is ... how soothing!!! What a nice vibe! Yeah, I am looking into the sjy all the time ... wondering if I see something unexpected! This is such a nice tune, I will add it to my show! Cheers, Nike
Silent Warning Passionate performance..... Excellent instrumentation. The guitar work fills this track with great results. I'm liking the soundscapes you're painting with this production. The heavy guitar and drums are kickin' !!Diggin' this tune.... awesome listen.... kudos !!! Larry T.....
Look to the Sky Slightly mystic intro - and it moves nicely into the slower rhythm. The guitar has a slightly rough edge to it which grates a little on me, but then just before the 2 minute mark, everything resolves into that drum beat and the whole tune seems to settle down into it well. It's quite an empty mix, and some of the sounds come in or drop away very suddenly, which detracts a little for me. It's a very long track, and a very long time on those two bass notes, but the overall feel is very relaxing. Thanks for the listen. Chris
Silent Warning some beautiful production--the horn and guitar--so much emotion in this piece--fabulous blend of sounds here--synth just melts in there nicely-hot!!!! mark
Silent Warning whoa!...surprised me!(good title for the toon...silent warning) This composition has character and direction. Just loved the tempo(mood)change up @1:58 then into the main attraction @ 2:58...had it cranked and enjoyed everything about this work. well done!! really dugg it !
Gods Compassion Sweet track, nice use of the tremolo effect. great backing, but for me it's your sound that really comes across. This one was not as strong as the track I heard earlier, but that's just my personal preference. well done
Grounding Rod Superb piece in every way, for me the mood you conveyed is what makes this really stand out very well done
Grounding Rod very nice! backing track on this is awesome. so many great elements to it. The guitar solos are obviously what is being sold here. very well done indeed. fantastic sounding and some great playing.
Grounding Rod Who needs lyrics when the guitar is talkin' like this! Can't say enough about the quality of the production, mix and instrumental genius of this tune. I don't usually download instrumentals, but the last two of yours I listened to are going on the Ipod babe!!
A Moment with God Ahhhhhh.........ear candy!! Sumptuous guitar work and the drum line really holds this all together really well. Nice synth pieces filtered in here and there too. Love it!!
Grounding Rod Greet Feel to The song....... Lovely Guitar work .... Lovely Key board back up .....Nice Melody .... and Very Well Produced.... Overall a Lovely Listen .. Regards Jay From The Autumnleaf
Stopping for Gas Your musical patience is a real gift to your music. It is a pleasure listening to your works and this is no exception. David C Deal
Roar in the Night Surf, You certainly have the ear for beautiful, full detailed sounds. Your transitions are also solid, like the change a little after 2 with the guitar. You have lots of patience also. I'm going to be checking out more of your immense talent. David C Deal
Johnny oh Johnny Wonderful tune , Great Guitars and Solid ambience .The production here simply superb. Vocals was missed a little bit, nevertheless it is a sure winner... regards 'Jay From The Autumnleaf
Tears of Mother Nature Superb Production , Great Ambience Loved listening to the wonderful music regards Jay From The Autumnleaf
Johnny oh Johnny Love this all the way ... great feelings when I am listening to this one, man. Adding this to my play list for this Saturday Night Rocks show! Cheers, Mike
Johnny oh Johnny great song with a big guitarwork...i like it...Frank
Pedro's Driving Ha Surf! I just had to check out Pedro's Driving when I saw Cheech's mug for the song image, lol! This one is just smokin' fun all the way and that bass break with the whistle and sirens is just too cool! A fun one that you had to have a lot of fun putting together! Farrell
Johnny oh Johnny This is a great track with some brilliant guitar playing. beautiful tones and sad melodies over a solid backing makes for an awesome listen.
Johnny oh Johnny Saw the artist, had the expectation and ended up not being surprised at yet another quality piece. well done
Johnny oh Johnny Thanks, I have words to the song but I just cannot sing well. Perhaps at some time later vocals could be added but I would need to find a singer willing to give it a shot.
Johnny oh Johnny excellent tune with some great changes along the way. I was hoping to hear some vocals!
Silent Warning Look to the sky indeed!... Beautiful sax.... Rich chrous guitars,I'm there :) Sitting so sweetly in the minor key,it just oozes atmosphere.. Moody, even ominous at times, sweet howls... Always morphing as well, one patttern emerging from the other, very nice that,like the ever changing sky. And then.......... BANG! Into full on progressive mode. Power to spare. This feels like you had the basic segments all worked out and then decided to go with the flow on the transitions, making it feel very live. Very nice lead break as well,nicely on the edge. EPIC piece... Yep,epic scale on the lead as well... Feels like your really just let it come and rid the wave. Excellent vision for the epic piece. Nigel.
Silent Warning Wonderful atmosphere. Dreaming and flying ....Guitar sound is what I especially like. Outstanding piece of music and guitar play! Greetings from Hooker Green
Laguna Drive Beautiful stuff, very Jarre for me lovely sweeping synth/guitar fantastically produced I have to add. I love your studio set up, seems awesome. This is truly great musicianship. The lead guitar work is perfect and the choice of effect is really powerful. Love it!
Nutook Canyon Love the intro to this one...great build to the drums...what a nice clear mix you're getting. surf you did a fantastic job arranging this song and the production is great too.
Nutook Canyon what's up surf! diggin the synth,and the way your mixing the guitar in there. ok, here we go! drums got a real nice mix on em, synth vox! too freakin cool! sounds kinda like cranberries. this is a cool write surf! and a lotta freakin work went into it as well, good job bro! BTW: is this the one that you sent to me to listen too? i tried to go and listen, but the player would not play.oh well great write! digger/stone bullets!
Nutook Canyon Excellent piece, great ambient intro. Liked the way you worked the guitar with backing. Very tasty piece well done
Silent Warning I very much enjoyed the guitar playing off the sax work. Lots of patience which for me, created an atmosphere of tension that was quite enjoyable. It almost felt like an intro up till 2:30. Perhaps the Silent Warning was represented by the first half? When the lead guitar takes over "the fight is on". Nice work my friend. David C Deal
Silent Warning What's there to say except I'm a fan bro!! Excellent playing and compositions. And then this kicks into overdrive....mix sounds good. Some killer guitar tones going on.
Silent Warning This is a sweet and nicely worked piece. Tremendous sense of atmosphere in this, nice touch moving to the rock sequence. clever track well done
The Place Nice transition from the begging very mellow kinda bluesy and picks up with a more dirty sound. The Keyboards compliment the guitar very well! Holley :)
From the Heart nice intro and guitar solo! overall a great mix! This would be nice with a vocal too! holley :)
Super Cell WOW!! I've followed your music for along time.....and it just keeps growing and expanding into new areas. This is AWESOME!! It's a real trip into a lot of areas and moods. GREAT JOB!!! Love the bass work, the electronics, the guitar....Loved it ALL!!! Rob
Super Cell Really superb tune here Surf. I'm almost hearing a Floyd meets Tull vibe in this piece. Very colorful and musical piece of art. Bravo Gabriel
Super Cell This is incredible - there is so much in there and it's all ALL excellent - the musicianship and vision that went into ths track burns right through it - that subtle change that slides in just after the 2 minute mark is so sweet, and the space which you have left dotted around here and there adds yet more to the mix. Brilliant track. Thanks for the listen! Chris
Super Cell This is so good I can't find the right word to describe it. Loved the backing, it gives that bottom end grunt that vibrates your chair across the room. super piece well done
Super Cell Man, this is goooood stuff, one of the best instrumental works I've heard lately for sure. Beautiful work.....cinematic and majestic, with some excellent guitar work thrown in as an added treat; and that bass.....oh yeaaaa!! I'd give this one 6 stars if I could!!
Misty Morning surf, i have to honest with you! this is not even close to my style, oh wait there ya go!!! killer tone! i always like the tone of your guitar! but I can say i really like the sax in the beginning, and the tone of that guitar, damn raunchy ! this is very cool! i like the changes. this is a cool piece, keep it up bro! digger
Dusk this is not a song as much as it is a vibe, to me! i really like the party trip in there, with the hint of eddie faze! really cool, i enjoyed this very much! good job surf!
Dusk This is a majectic rock stuff although the intro is swinging half a load. You are definitely a man of bassline, so well crafted and rendered. This is the area I am weak in and been trying to improve my music in due course. M3, Paul Okalay, Valkir, FD Project, etc are my favorite overdriven guitar players, now I found another one. With million of love from Singapore. Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.
Misty Morning Very soothing and smooth to the ears, slow and steady win the race. Chord progession is well defined and the saxaphone is smoking. I would rather classify this as Jazz track than Progressive Rock coz I always link Saxaphone with Jazz music. LOL! Or maybe a mixed genre instead. Now, the overdriven guitar is awesome, devilous movement. I like it. With million of love from Singapore. Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.
Still Burning I select to review this track coz I am in the same newage genre. This track gave me a rock feeling instead of newage but definitely it is something to chill on. Lovely pathing with the guitar, bassline is awesome. And the harpy/koto like instrument is very cool to me. I am so glad to stumble upon this beautiful music, it makes my day. Thanks for sharing. With million of love from Singapore. Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.
Misty Morning Hey Surf...this is a very pleasurable piece with excellent textures. Both sensitive and emotional it is a most interesting misty morning indeed. Great job all around painting that picture. ~Blake
Pedro's Driving HAHA!!! Man, when this track started playing, I went "Oh - NOW what?!?!?!" LOL! This is a serious head banger with about everything in it you'd want! Excellent guitar sounds, great leads, great percussion - and some humor!!! VERY well done!!! Cheers, Mike
Pedro's Driving Howdy Surf.... Balls to the wall...I LIKE IT! Great riffing...and the mix is sweet! I thought it was Sam The Sham...for a brief second...but if it was...he must have discovered LSD!!! Hugs...Mike (NAV) Hugs...Mike (NAV)
Pedro's Driving i freakin love cheech and chong, I'm burning there styl right know! this is just a rocker, no doubt about it killer guitar work hear surf! and gotta say i love that tone your using. sounds like this was a lotta fun to do! digger
Laguna Drive Beautiful, cinematic music with heavenly pitch sounds and lovely flute synths... The second part is awesome with the great melodic flow, straight forward groove, and a timeless sound like the old pioneers. This is "Pink Floyd light" including fantastic guitar energy and modelling synth power of the modern age.
Pedro's Driving yeah I agree you can tell this was just a fun tune to make. Great guitar work!!
Pedro's Driving Yeah I agree with Jack. Too much fun indeed. Also agree that the bass could come up a tad. But there's some wonderful Thwack in those drums and some great fretwork going on. Just stop laughing about it. Great work. Cheers Brian
Pedro's Driving you had way too much fun making this! haha! some nice bass playing.... maybe bring that up a smidge in the mix? enjoyed! mucho fun!
Pedro's Driving Hey surf, Lotsa energy going on in this track. cool tones and some tasty playing!
Laguna Drive Beautiful piece without a doubt. Long intro. Once it settles down into the song's main theme, it all flows very nicely indeed. Very very clean and tidy production,all is crystal clear. Yep,all in all a very cool song. Nigel.
Laguna Drive Nice spacey work... some bass guitar when the drums come in would make it complete... enjoyed the listen....!
Hitchhike Sally cool intro with very nice guitar solo...very nice instrument usage on sax...very well written drum line...beautiful composition...harmonica added very nice sounds..very well performed and arranged...
Hitchhike Sally Really nice track. Nice chording in the intro with some very nice lead lines and some sax that I wasn't expecting. Very good rhythmic flow to the track. Has a "floating" sort of effect which is enhanced by the nice melodic sax lines. I like the effects on the rhythm guitar. Good use of instrumentation with the sax, the harp and the lead guitar each setting up its own distinctive mood and feel. A really good listen. Cheers Brian
Sunday Drive I really dug the ambiance of this. Very nice laid back intro with a great build to drive it home. Very nice listen.
Stopping for Gas I'm with Rob on this one...maybe you should have named it "Side Trip To Fort Knox" (I'm stopping for gas!) Kewl feel...nice and airy for the first couple of minutes...and then a nice kind of Pink Floyd feeling...great guitars and synths...solid drum track. Kewl! Hugs...Mike (NAV)
Sunday Drive Easy to listen to and great sounds to hear. Enjoyed the Sunday Drive.
Stopping for Gas stoppimg for gas - i love it. lets build a movie around it! real cool! smooth! dreamy! love. jx
Stopping for Gas hehehehehehe....if I wrote about GAS right now, I'd be pretty darn violent....hehehehehe. Ok, back to the song. Great intro...'tis very pretty. Ahhh!! Nice theme growing here...tasty chord progression....LOVE vibrato that guitar. Very nice interplay with the two guitars. Yea, Love your style, Right up my alley :-) Rob
Sunday Drive Great piece, extremely well engineered, and performed. For me the acoustic intro made this piece. well done
Sunday Drive Very smooth rocker! Lover the acoustic as well. Nice build-up.
Sunday Drive Beautiful changes, loved the acoustic. Excellent tone and lines
From the Heart I have listened to your calatog of tunes. You have a extraordinarily clean sound. Almost pristine. Very original stuff. Diverse, but with a central theme of that very clean vibe. Very nice. Bravo.
From the Heart and ya know, I have been one of your BIG FANS, from your first posting here. I am HONORED to have you dedicate this song and the thoughts behind it. You are MUCH APPRECIATED!! You have captured thr best of the T. Dream, movie soundtrack era here. I LOVED the heavy electronica and your guitar SORES thru the song, like a jet. GUTS!!! THANK YOU, SO MUCH!!! Rob
From the Heart oh yeah... love the opening drone.... rockin tune!
From the Heart There's lots of power in this track, I can feel it from the very beginning. Its a very wide mix and I'll tell you if the drums were brought up and a bit closer to the middle this baby would explode...Great track!
From the Heart Very good music! I like the way it builds throughout! Welldone! Farrell
From the Heart Good tune surfer dude ! Great atmospheric intro, absolutely stunning. Has an almost "Kashmir" sound to it. Have to agree with Dazed though, that guitar sounds too good to be so low in the mix, but then again, I am primarily a string slinger myself and just love the sound of a well-played axe. Lead tone is monstrous brother. Diiging this vibe. Peace, Tsargoth
From the Heart Brilliant keys on the intro. What a fantastic lead in. Love one the guitar kicks in. Personally I would bring the rhythm guitar up a bit in the beginning. Sounds too good to be lower than the keys. Maybe that is because I play guitar? hehe. Solos are perfect. I like the breakup with the keys as they play off each other. Great piece!
From the Heart Clever piece this, liked the intro. Some excellent guitar phrasing, the backing was well crafted. however, for me the track lost impetus after about 4 minutes. But a great piece of work none the less Well done
From the Heart A gorgeous cocktail of sound...Very enjoyable. Some absolutely stellar guitar work there...A blissful 6.mins 50 secs of music...:-) Peace n love Mags xx :-)
From the Heart ambient intro.. long.. but strong.. when the beat kicks it it moves along.. like the guitar heavy mix and the passionate fretboard tricks.. for me the drums could come up.. got them yamahas poundin.. that snare is hard and crisp.. but a bit subdued in the mix.. just MHO.. and easy to fix.. but hey we all finish them to our own tastes.. I like the changes in this and also the dissonant bits.. read your bio.. many of us go way back with our guitars.. nice to hear we're all still playing and making our own music.. cheers..
From the Heart I could feel the emotion in your play. The guitar solo in the last third of the song is particularly haunting. Great work.
Wolf River This is a very well put together track...the sounds really work well and the build is awesome. Some great playing in this one!
Wolf River I really like the instrumentation on this track. The different instrument sounds make it interesting and vibrant. Great musicianship and composition. You work with the melodic theme repeating with the different sounds stays with me.
Wolf River Man that is one classy intro. beautifully played man. It sounds fantastic. Has that cool Spanish flair to it. This track picks up a lot of speed and instruments along the way :). Love the drums and guitar solos not to mention the keys. Cool piece.
Wolf River I really love your music especially the keyboard parts. I like the Asian feel on this one. The sound overall is amazing. Keep it up!
Light of God Saturday AM listening, has just gone Mild!!! Hehehehhe.....and lovin' it. You really do have allot going on, just the way I like it. Keeps my mind and ears moving. I'm doing an early morning headphone listen, so I'm getting all kinds of GREAT effects. The intro was so smooth and it seemed you hit a little oriental sound there a minute. I REALLY liked that part. From the there you had excellent build up and themes. This is an EXCELLENT Track. THANKS for sharing your music. It will be a MUCH ENJOYED listen in my travels. Rob
Light of God This was nice !! Great guitarwork and cool use of fx. Like the mood. Great listen Christer
Light of God There's lots going on in this piece, so much so I came back to it for a second listen, and second time round you realize what a brilliant piece of music this is. Thoroughly enjoyed it very well done
Light of God I love the guitar arrangement here. The intro is amazing that really add to the build up. The keyboard part is awesome. The Great track!
Light of God First one of the in hand..snowing outside..ahh nice intro with the mix of guitars. This toon picked up nicely and revealed a very kool groove with the bass and drums here. Very nice guitar the effects used to create the mood... Enjoyed! ....especially the two shots from the snare at the outro!
God's Comfort Again the intro is so sweet. A soulful arrangement with heart piercing chords and melody. Beautiful piano work. I love the violin at around 1:58... A beautiful track. GREAT work!!!
Light of God Excellent! What a beautiful intro...sublime. I like the flanged guitar - where it sits in the mix. This has almost a Van Gellis thing going on. Love the transition at around 2:10. Great track!
Light of God Surf --- This is very nice. The intro kind of reminded me of Robin Trower, but (with the acoustic bits) mixed with an Asian feel. Nice transition to the full band. A few things I would do with it, might be to pick up the bass and try to make it stand out a bit more clearly. It needs some punch. Maybe picking up the kick drum a bit as well, with the bass guitar will help. The chorus/phased guitar may be a little too up in the overall mix in parts of the intro and while the solo guitar is working the melody line. Still, a very good song with some great musicianship. Just needs a little tweaking to make the parts fit in place better. Paul
The Place Very moody! And love the clear tone in the beginning. Cool song.
Roar in the Night Man, I'm not knowing what to expect from you ... you are so full of surprises. There is a lot of attention to detail going on here. I'm hearing great stuff in this atmospheric piece, but it's not ambient. Your leads float ever so perfectly over this canvas. I'm hooked on this track for sure. Great production on all counts. I got to hear more!!
The Place Hypnotic opening indeed... real nice! Though maybe it should be at a lower volume overall compared to the stuff that follows, which is also great too by the way! I think the main section needs some mix adjustments too. Bigger, fatter sound from the drums would add more weight and energy, and perhaps more attention to the lead volume too. I'd automate the levels more. Those details aside though, I think it's a great track with good solid performances!
The Place Excellent track, especially your sound. Yeah, it's got that Trower special quality to it. I really enjoyed it.
The Place The intro is hypnotic. Excellent mix and performance. I really like the strength and tone of the drum kit. Nicely Done!
The Place That intro is really something. Boy your style of playing always reminds me of Peter Frampton.
The Place Nice intro section,crisp,clear,and concise. Good mix for the most part, except have to agree with bluesspkr about the lead. Good playing on all parts. Peace, Tsargoth
God's Comfort For me, God's Comfort sound's this kind of authentic, I try to catch for my own music. Listening to your track reminds me of god's love, omnipotence and eternity. Jamie
The Place hey surf man this is a great tune ! The arrangement is very well done and the solo guitar playing is outstanding. Great mix too, nice and full bodied!
The Place Nice texture in the opening. Gorgeous tapesty of sounds, from the twangy guitar to the synth to the bass ... and then when it kicks in? Woah! The solo guitar might be just a tad too up in the mix, but only in places. Nice job on this, and a very enjoyable listen.
Roar in the Night Surf --- this just defies words, it is so good. It drips atmosphere and mood. You do such great work anyway. This is what I'd call an intelligent song -- I have visions of wildlife (eagles and hawks) and tall pines, coastal fog ... Good stuff, Surf.
Home Again You have that DRIVE in your toons...and again the choice of tub sounds match the output . Very important to do that!! (IMO) I hear the surf sound as well...not pop-surf, but very hardcore big wave stuff! Tasty guitar playing with lots of space to let the mind wander! Nice instrumental! Enjoyed my listen! "Surfs up!! "
Roar in the Night I loved this tune! It has so much atmosphere to it. It makes me think of a soundtrack in the back of some really cool visuals. (something along the lines of the album cover) I can tell that you are really liking the Keys and it shows! Thanks for the review of 'Sled Driver'! please check out my videos on YouTube-search for Darren Horton I did Hotel California, and Sweet child O mine Keep up the great work
Home Again Don't agree with some of the earlier comments. I personally think this works well as a stand-alone instrumental. I could hear it working with vocals but prefer it as it is. Lovely guitar work throughout with nice changes of tone and phrasing. Really solid instrumental work.
Home Again Guitar tones are varied and most excellent, the movements on this song are captivating, like floating on a wave.
Home Again Have to agree with all of the above on vocals. To me I had the great feeling of an "Outlaw's" tune, a real good thing for me. Love the sound your getting on the guitars.
Home Again Sounds like an "On the road song". Lots of really nice guitar sounds. Lots of different parts. My favorite part is around the 5:00 mark, love the way it just changes.
Home Again This song just cries out for vocals -- something edgy. BUT --- I could this being a soundtrack to something. I love the sound you got on your guitars. And just when I thought it was done ... there was mo' -- and that screaming solo is the stuff, Surf. I like this a lot.
Home Again Nice clean guitar intro. Definitely has that surf influence to it. Was expecting some vocals to come in after that at around 1:15 but it went in a different direction with the distorted guitar lead. Enough changes and pauses to keep me interested through to the end.
Home Again At first I did not like the drums, but as soon as the rest of the instruments started, they were perfect.. good tune, like the the tones on the guitars.
God's Comfort I'll double up here and say..."GOS'S AWESOME POWER and this GOD'S COMFORT" are two wonderful Tributes to HIM. Your music has REALLY hit me well and I am a TRUE Fan, for sure. You have such great musical creativity and abilities. Rob
Still Burning Surf: ambiences and mix are wonderful. I cranked this up on my home theatre surround system and WOW! Good powerful drum expression, enjoyed you guitar work on this! -Funky Mikey
Still Burning I love the dreamy mood of this. Makes me want to shut off the lights, close my ears and drift away on a cloud. Very, very nice.
Still Burning Glad to have found your music. I am primarily a prog, electronoica, ambient music fan, so I LOVE YOUR sound. This is my first listen and I will continue on......Very nice melody and theme, fine tasteful playing, nice recording. Rob
Still Burning Really cool track...the atmosphere it created was very effective...I love the use of the piano...very sparse, yet so very effective. I downloaded this to play on my Nexus Radio Show.
Still Burning I really like this track, the mix is great, you painted a cool soundscape. tasty guitar, solid drums and the strings are beautiful.
Southern Heat I love the 'verb on the beginning guitars...The solo tone was kickin' as well!!
Still Burning Very nice mix -- clean, tight. There's a delicasy to the guitar that I like a lot. Great job. Solid!
Southern Heat A most cool post Surfman..gtrs were kicking..very good job..
Southern Heat Surf I like the tune and the build up. The solos at the end sound great. Nice crunch. Was that the Marshall?
Still Burning First off I like what you did with your artist page! Great first track to post. Love the drums on this. How were those done? Mix is very clean and the guitar playing is very solid. Enjoyed the track!